MHCE Mentoring Project

In keeping with MHCE’s commitment to life-long learning and the growth of its members, we have established the MHCE Mentoring Project.

Looking for a Mentor

MHCE leadership believes that finding a mentor should be a no stress, low pressure initiative. If you are looking for a mentor, or simply would like to bounce a few questions off a more seasoned ACHE member, we invite you to click on the below bios and learn more about our MHCE volunteer mentors. Contact information for each of the volunteer mentors is available within their respective bio so feel free to reach out and contact them.

Tom Petrilak
Officer in Charge, NSA Mid-South Clinic & Past President, MHCE

David Crislip – COO, The Jones Clinic
Administrator, Methodist Healthcare – Fayette Hospital, Somerville, TN

Elizabeth Ostric
Executive Director, Medical Education & Research Inst., Memphis, TN

Volunteer as a MHCE Mentor

If you are interested in being a MHCE mentor, please let us know and we will post your biography & contact information here on the MHCE mentoring page. Once listed, MHCE chapter members can review your information and contact you to discuss a possible mentoring relationship.