The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) has recently made some important changes designed to enhance students’ experiences as they become involved with ACHE. These changes came as a result of a two-year task force that analyzed and discussed ACHE policies and services related to students. The ACHE Board of Governors approved these changes and the implementation process has begun.

Fact Sheets

Please refer to the following fact sheets for additional information about policy changes that affect student members and Student Chapters.

Increased Local Support for Students

Support for Student Associates is evolving to capitalize on the new ACHE chapter structure, currently consisting of 82 local chapters across the country. The local chapters are encouraged to invite students to get involved with chapter activities. ACHE will provide tools to the local chapter to initiate this new relationship. Our goal is to connect students as much as possible with the local chapter, thereby exposing them to current healthcare management issues, additional learning resources, and opportunities to build their professional networks in the early stages of their careers. While a separate, formal student chapter structure will phase out at the end of the 2005-2006 school year, we still encourage students to form healthcare management organizations or clubs to hold on-campus events and meetings. The only difference is that ACHE will no longer be designating student organizations as officially designated student chapters of ACHE.

ACHE’s decision to stop the formal process of recognizing student organizations as official Student Chapters is designed to enable ACHE to refocus resources away from the administrative functions related to managing this designation and provide more support for student activities at the local level. For example, ACHE will be developing a dedicated Web site with healthcare management programs, tools, and services to assist in providing a valuable on campus student experience.

Look for more information about the future cooperation and integration between the University of Memphis’ Student Chapter of the ACHE  and the Mid-South Health Care Executives in the coming months.

For More Information

Thank you for your dedication to ACHE and your interest in chapter participation. If you have any questions, please contact Desmond J. Ryan, CAE, associate director, Division of Regional Services, at (312) 424-9325 or [email protected] or Anupam Lahiri, president of the MHCE, [email protected].  Both the ACHE and the MHCE look forward to serving you throughout your career